Our Services

We identify and implement agricultural solutions that are compatible with each client’s unique philosophy & circumstances.

We plan, design and execute commercial cacao orchards using agroforestry / poly-culture and conventional agricultural design principles.

Farm site evaluation and selection
Research and compile soil maps, climate data, and land-use history
Soil and water testing
Select locally adapted companion plants (e.g., windbreak, shade trees, secondary crops)
Develop business plan, budget, management plan, and timeline
Construct scale graphic representation of infrastructure and field planting layout



Evaluate existing farm practices and make recommendations to increase efficiency and productivity
Manage pests / diseases
Improve establishment and management practices

Farm Management Consulting

Evaluate existing farm practices and make recommendations to increase efficiency and productivity, and improve establishment and management practices

Staff Training

Conduct staff training for nursery and orchard management skills including propagation, grafting, establishment, pruning, disease and pest control

Quality Evaluation & Optimization

Provide quality evaluations, followed by optimization of harvest and post-harvest handling (i.e., fermentation, drying and storage) to meet consumer demand

Cooperative Harvesting & Processing

Co-ordinate and manage cooperative harvesting and processing services

Customized Electronic Monitoring

Deploy custom-built electronic monitoring and logging systems to troubleshoot and make recommendations to improve fermentation and drying processes from a perspective of quality control and food safety

Industry Networking

Establish equitable and direct relationships between cacao producers and chocolate makers

Presentations & Workshops

Conduct cacao presentations and workshops for public and private audiences